Superman Henry Cavill shave with a computer

Супермена Генри Кавилла побреют при помощи компьютера
The actor may not part with his beard.

Супермена Генри Кавилла побреют при помощи компьютера

Henry Cavill


Henry Cavill as Superman


Henry Cavill, best known for the role of Superman, found themselves in a difficult
the situation. Actor, grow a beard for his next role, was called to
Swede single frames of the previous project, where he starred smoothly

the shooting of the film “justice League”, where Henry played one of the two main
roles ended for some time
ago. Therefore, the producers of the project, have not seen the 34-year-old Cavill when she met him
were in shock: they did not expect that he will acquire in this time a beard.
And, as it turned out, the situation was even more complex than it seems at
first glance. Henry reported that the contract for my next project
he has no right to get rid of facial hair. And when you consider that
we are talking about such a solid project as the next film of the franchise “Mission impossible”,
to violate its obligations it is in any case not going.

The only
possible solution in this situation was the idea to “shave” with Cavill
computer technology after the reshoot. That is, the set
appear Superman with a beard, and the audience will be on the screen to see the character
absolutely smooth face.

by the way, representatives of Warner Bros,
responsible for the production of “justice League” were serious
spend on retakes. They have allocated as much as $ 25 million, and
now this sum will increase even more. Besides, to reassemble at
filming of “the League…” and other actors, for a long time busy in their next
projects will not be easy…