“Superman” dumped his girlfriend

«Супермен» бросил свою подружку
The 13-year age difference did not help to keep the beauty of Henry Cavill.

Henry Cavill and Tara king

Photo: PA Images/TASS

Fans of Henry Cavill were very
puzzled by the news that their idol broke up with his girlfriend — Tara king. After all
everyone thought that the actor, best known for the role of Superman in the movie “man of steel”, and
his favorite absolutely happy together. Was not yet three months since
then, Cavill in an interview told that he found in the person of Tara’s almost perfect

31-year-old at the time Henry and Tara, which
barely 18 years old, started Dating in August of 2015 after
met in London nightclub Mahiki. Since then they have appeared regularly together:
Rugby match, at premieres, at the ceremony “Oscar”… Cavill even went
together with his beloved in the state of Jersey, to acquaint her with his
his parents and four brothers. To the chagrin of the actor, a condemned Cavill, for what
he has an affair with such a young girl. But Henry answered his detractors,
that generally doesn’t notice age difference with his girlfriend. On the contrary,
claimed the actor, it often seems that Tara is older than him and more Mature, as
personality. “She’s amazing! Such caring girls I’ve ever met. Though
Tara is much younger, she’s always ready to “put its shoulder” when it’s needed.
It helps me to cope with life’s difficulties and overcome
difficult moments for me…” explained Cavill.

What caused a sudden rupture
relations, not yet reported. We only know that Tara is very hard
going through a breakup with Henry. The actor himself has not commented taken
them the solution.

Tara, where, as everyone thought, Cavill is going
to marry, was not the first serious girlfriend Henry. From 2009 to 2011
he was officially engaged to professional rider Ellen Witaker. Except
in the past he had Affairs with the star of “the big Bang Theory” kaley cuoco and martial arts — Gina Garano.

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