Sun turned to his wife Tarasova: “Baby, you take things ready, and then suddenly her husband would drive»

Солнцев обратился к жене Тарасова: «Детка, держи вещи наготове, а то вдруг муж выгонит» The showman spoke to the player. In his opinion, wedding Tarasov is something nervous. The sun warned Anastasia, wife of football player, be careful in relationship with him.

The main event of the week was the wedding of the ex-wife of singer and TV presenter Olga Buzovoy Dmitry Tarasov. A little over a year after the divorce with a celebrity wife, and he is again decided to go down the aisle with model Anastasia Kostenko, with which he began last winter. The couple is not only married, but married. Fans Tarasova suspect that the decision of Dmitry and Anastasia related to pregnancy girls in the last photo in his microblog she covers her belly with hands to the same one media outlet managed to get a video featuring Kostenko, in which she was seen during a visit to the antenatal clinic.

Showman Rustam Solntsev could not leave the situation unattended and spoke to the Tarasov in its category “Mamadorogaya”, which is specifically for “StarHit”.

“You know, a nice circle of the same good futbolistico Dmitry Tarasov got married, started your appeal to the sports star, the sun. – It’s like something mental – the ball stopped, the cerebellum now walks by himself and wants to get married – it’s like picking your nose or constantly clean the ears. Good, in fact, ex-wife Olga Buzova after marriage with Dmitry still can not move, all singing songs, clips records, the whole country got. And Dima. The Council of his extreme wife: darling, you hold things if that collected, because rumor has it that some Olcina panties and lie in your family home. So be ready – go, and your place will be new. And you too will have a song to sing…»

Rustam believes that the past wedding is nothing more than a farce. “To make the seriousness of all these clownish events are invited Burt Reynolds in the leading, Loboda – singer – says the showman. But in fact, these weddings are not worth a damn crust of bread because they are simply not substantiated – is not love, but for hype and PR. All this is done Dmitry for sale man, who after her divorce from Buzova said his life – not for the sake of likes and more he is my personal-not-the public will never tell you. Dima, that you believed need to be modest, otherwise all this enthusiasm and desire to hurt Buzova is a bad joke. I am very sorry that you have no loved ones who will say Tarasov, be smarter…”

The wife of Dmitry Tarasov responded to criticism of their wedding