Солнечная Таня: Навка с дочкой загорают в Сочи

The skater has shown an excellent figure and a stylish beach-ready look.

If ordinary people and many of the stars in summer is a period of holidays and trips to the sea, to Navka hot months, the time to work hard skates!

Now the ice skater involved in the play “Carmen” by Ilya Averbukh and performs at the arena in Sochi almost every day. But it is necessary once and to regain your strength? Apparently, so thought the star and went with her daughter Nadenka on the local beach.

To stay on the coast Tatiana chose an unusual way – total outfit of bikini, flip flops and glasses are yellow. It was incredibly fresh and playful.

And little Nadia was dressed in a pink swimming trunks and flip-flops. Growing Tatyana future fashionista.

Most fans of the grooves admired not so much the figure of a star, for which Tatiana, of course, got a lot of compliments on how much hair her daughter.

“Look at that hair baby. Tatiana and her daughter you do a hair weave?” – ask Navka girls.

Braids Nadia and true feast for the eyes. Baby mom got thick hair. Would have to see what she looks like. It is possible that soon ” we see it, because on 21 August, her youngest daughter will be two years.

Looking forward to photos from the day of birth, but in the meantime take a look at the sun Tanya and Nadia. From these photos and I want on vacation!

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