Лето Киркорова в фото: укрощал крокодила, обнимался со львом

Philip said and revealed to Woman’s Day as he spent this summer.

Philip, like last year, in the midst of the holiday worked, toured the country with a new show “I”. However, for a summer tour, the singer chose the black sea coast, where you can easily combine. And sometimes, extreme. Philip is not just to learn, he went into some sort of childhood. Toured all theme parks, was drifting on the sea on the scooter and even cuddled with live lions.

A year ago all offers to jump with a parachute or ride on the same jet ski, I replied, “are You crazy? Where’s the extreme, and where am I?” – began the story of his adventures of Philip. But recent events have changed my opinion. The fact that in winter, during the preparation of the new show of Franco Dragone, who created the entire program, announced the casting of the dancers. One day we came up with the children-parkour free runners (parkour – fast moves in urban environments. – Approx. “Antennas”), are true acrobats and extreme athletes. We decided to invite them on the show as an experiment: guys we have the balls to go and do other things. And I must say that to all the audience very much. Absolute breakthrough in show business. Franco and wanted to raise the bar to a new level, and it worked out. So I spent six months looking at these guys and got so inspired that decided to try something new. Guide to the world of extreme sports and my personal trainer was the main ringleader in the company of the show “I” Vlas Vladimirov, already well-known traceur and acrobat.

– AP, and tigers, or lions at the feet of my sat – jokes Philip. – I was invited to a Safari Park “Taigan” in the Crimea. There lions contain no cells, animals are well-fed, happy, people do not rush so that you can with them so to lie, carefully. I admit, it was scary, but I promised myself not to succumb to the voice of reason, and to take risks.

In the Park “Taigan” I wanted to get lion, but I refused: where will he live in Moscow? But decided to use a baby, which, by the way, was named in my honor Sirloin, on his show. So he together with me went on stage. And even flew on the helicopter from the Park to the concert venue and back.

The helicopter I was kindly provided the Crimean friends. So much more convenient to travel between cities on the coast. The car is far away, scheduled flights do not fly, and the helicopter – just lovely sight.

– As soon as the tour schedule was a few days, decided to fly to Paris for shopping. But my dancers did not let me enjoy a leisurely shopping. We climbed all the rooftops of Paris and went to Disneyland. I had a ride on the roller coaster!

– This summer, surprisingly, there were many encounters with different animals. I was holding a crocodile, cuddled with a lion. Camel was the most cheerful, happily posed for the camera.

– I spent six months working seven days a week: first rehearsal for a new show, then the premiere, then Eurovision, so I wanted to relax to the fullest, to the winds! Used to think that to recover you need to sleep, but it turns out that the extreme gives you much more! And why have I never ridden a jet ski? Such a thrill!

All summer Philip kept himself under tight rein and did not give themselves the right to relax. Every morning for 40 minutes on the elliptical, then did exercises.

Yesterday, the restaurant gave up on dessert – boasted a singer. The bread I have already ruled out. Only fruits, vegetables, seafood. Even tea do not drink, only pure water and fresh orange juice in the morning. Still, autumn is near, and there begins the tour around the cities of Russia and preparation for the jubilee concerts – 10 solo albums in a row in the Kremlin! You need to be in shape. I have realized a pattern: eat a cake in the evening – in the morning have to run for an hour more, much easier to say no to dessert.

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