Лето без них: список вещей, от которых стоит отказаться

What are the things has long gone out of fashion, but out of habit we continue to use them, and how to stop doing it.

This season returned to the fashion for naturalness careless, so it’s time to get rid of all the excess and properly emphasize its unique advantages. What forget now?


In fact, the piercing of the nose and the eyebrows looked strange even five years ago. Now came the turn of lips with the tongue. Especially that jewelry in his mouth adversely affect the condition of tooth enamel.

Botox and too bright lipstick

No, no and no! All you now need is unobtrusive to accentuate the lip line. If you want to make them more plump and expressive, use a pencil, gloss and lipstick in neutral shades.

3D manicure

High technology is, of course, fine. But as for nails, now more than ever in the trend of simplicity: French, lunar (Hollywood) manicure, colour or French nails with clear varnish. And also monochromatic matte painting and pastel colors.

Doll false eyelashes

The endless webs can impress a lonely romantic, but if your choice is not always crying Pierrot, try to ensure that the lashes looked natural. Modern make-up.

Intense tan

It’s not even the fact that UV radiation affects the skin, it’s just rather strange, hard to achieve similarity with the chicken chasseur. So remember: in the trend of refined pale natural blush, Golden beige or light bronzet. And no chocolate bronzer!

The problem “these days”

Vacation with friends, the long awaited music festival, a session, a trip to the Caribbean… But sometimes life depends on such random factors as the date of possible arrival period. Global trends have changed dramatically, and the ability to manage menstruation has become a reality these days. Isn’t it time to get acquainted with the latest achievements in the field of female contraception? Talk about this with your gynecologist.

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