Страдающий от жуткой боли «Мистер Синтол» заговорил об удалении бицепсов Cyril Tereshin suffering from health problems. For several days have a shocking blogger, which deals with the modification of his body, high temperature and discomfort in the hand. The young man condition deteriorated after the start of the transformation of the shoulders.
Страдающий от жуткой боли «Мистер Синтол» заговорил об удалении бицепсов

Recently, the flamboyant blogger Cyril Tereshin has decided to start the modification of his shoulders. At first the young man rejoiced in the changes in appearance, but then sounded the alarm. A resident of Pyatigorsk, said that he is suffering from severe pain and high temperature. In connection with poor health Tereshin at the time had limited its presence in social networks.

On Tuesday evening Cyril came to live in Instagram to answer questions from subscribers. “Mr. Synthol” admitted that it is still very bad feels. However Tereshin not in a hurry to go to the doctors. The guy consulted a Brazilian bodybuilder Romario DOS Santos Alves, whom he met on the set of “Andrey Malakhov. Live”.

The idol of “Mr Synthol” warned him against the amputation of hands

“I started doing my shoulders, and a day later, the hand began to swell. It increased by 4.5 cm Above the muscle curdled jelly. They are red hand warmly. The temperature of 38.5. Drugs I do not drink and do not seek medical help, – says Kirill. – I’m on Facebook contacted Romanum DOS Santos Alves. Explained the situation, showed his hands, asked what medicine to drink. He explained everything to me, said that he is there. Advised to apply ice. Going to do this for three weeks. If it doesn’t, then I’m going to Moscow to seek help to the doctors.”
Страдающий от жуткой боли «Мистер Синтол» заговорил об удалении бицепсов

According to Tereshina, many of the capital’s medical professionals offered him help. Blogger also has not excluded, what’s to stop the modification of the body, as tired, suffer from health problems. “I have a fever, hand burn,” – says the young man. Cyril regretted that decided to start the transformation of the shoulders where the body failed.

“This is no joke, I can’t suffer. I was an idiot to have done so. I just realized. I really thought that everything will be fine, says the guy. – Romario explained that I suffered for many years. But I can’t stand this pain. You may need to clean. The main thing that I feel is perfect. Every day I pray to God that he took my shell. I don’t want to live with these pains. My mother too much suffering”.

The guy admitted that he did not know of the action in modifying your body. “If all this does not heal, then you know that you have to do. And this is the right choice,” said Kirill. Before you say goodbye to subscribers Tereshin unexpectedly said it will “anyway to get rid of the biceps”. “I feel very bad. I do not need to write about this modification. All, it’s over,” hazy said the blogger, who suffers from the heat.

After a few hours of airing Cyril reported that he was bleeding from the nose. “I woke up in the morning and the problems started. All through the body more began to spread the strike,” said the blogger. He also said that he “prescribed a course of treatment,” but did not go into details. “The hand, ice it, if it doesn’t, then all they’d probably say to do the surgery,” shared Tereshin.