Страдающая от рака участница «Дома-2» жалуется на адские боли Elena Stepunina faced with side effects of radiation therapy. Young woman admitted that she feels terrible pain, and shared experiences about ways of treatment. Despite a new round of health problems, she continues to be optimistic.
Страдающая от рака участница «Дома-2» жалуется на адские боли

About eight months ago, Elena Stepunina learned about his terrible diagnosis. Doctors discovered she had lymphoma of the fourth degree. The tumor was inoperable as it was located next to the heart. Then the ex-participant of the project “House-2” decided to be treated with radiation therapy.

Cancer ex-member of “House-2” Elena Stepunina: “many due to cancer leave men”

The procedure and turned to the young woman’s terrible pain. The treatment Helena has developed intercostal neuralgia. About this Stepunina said on Instagram.

“It’s the most hellish pain I felt in my entire life. Now everything is OK, I was prescribed the miraculous candles. They rescue. It’s all nonsense, will be held. The main thing is to cure the underlying disease, and then we’ll see”, said Elena in a social network.
Страдающая от рака участница «Дома-2» жалуется на адские боли

The young woman often tells the fans information about his health. Despite a difficult period in her life, she remains optimistic. Elena believes that will be able to overcome the disease and return to normal life.

Because of the constant stay at the hospital Stepunina have for a long time to be away from your son. One-year-old Matthew is the main joy for mom and the best incentive to fight cancer. The young woman has repeatedly admitted that really misses the boy.

“I have a son and now a new hobby – a very long walk. And healthy, and time flies faster, and the muscles come back to normal. In General, solid benefits. I’ve been so long without my Matejki that now it anywhere even for a minute not go”, – has shared eks-the participant “Houses-2”.

The assurances Elena’s husband Vladimir is trying to help her get through. The family believes that remission will come, because Stepunina being treated by the best doctors. And now the young woman has to put up with the effects of the therapy. So, earlier she complained that because of the chemotherapy she’s lost her eyelashes and eyebrows.

Fans try to support her and write her a touching message. Some of them were in a similar situation, so Stepunina turned to fans in an example to follow. The young woman continues to believe in a miracle, than inspiring others.