Suffering from alcoholism Irina Zybina horrified appearance

Страдающая алкоголизмом Ирина Цывина ужаснула внешним видом A famous actress once again appeared in the program Andrei Malakhov. Recently Irina Zybina and her partner Denis Serdyukov said that happy together and want a child. However, the beloved actress abruptly left her, and she found solace in alcoholic beverages.
Страдающая алкоголизмом Ирина Цывина ужаснула внешним видом

In April, the actress Irina Zybina gave the impression of a happy man. The actress and her partner Denis Serdyukov talked about their relationship and said that preparing for the replenishment of the family. Recently, however, the idyll between the lovers had been violated. Serdyukov ran away from Zybina through the window and met her only three weeks later in the program, “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”.

Apparently, the actress is extremely difficult moved the withdrawal of the second half. According to many expert of the transfer, Zybina left in the bout. This conclusion can be reached by analyzing the video journalists. “I still need. Want brandy now,” says a tired unkempt woman the footage, which showed in the program. Irina denies that she has a drinking problem.

“I like someone jinxed. This is reminiscent of damage”, – said Irina.
Страдающая алкоголизмом Ирина Цывина ужаснула внешним видом

The Zybina admitted that the beginning of a different attitude to the chosen one. “It’s like I’m cut off from David. I began to tear. Forgive me, Dennis,” asked the actress to the beloved. According to Irina, something happened.

“I began to find strange things at the threshold of his apartment, rice some scattered… When I arrived at the cottage, we saw on the walls of the huge balls of mold. The kitchen found a box of matches, and there was the hair,” – says the artist.
Страдающая алкоголизмом Ирина Цывина ужаснула внешним видом
Страдающая алкоголизмом Ирина Цывина ужаснула внешним видом

Radio host Yulia Pago suggested that Serdyukov could not tolerate the alcoholism of the second half. “I never drink… When I woke up in the night, I was wildly cold. The window was wide open. Dennis somehow came through the window,” said Irina. Three weeks later the editor of the “Andrey Malakhov. Live” came to visit the actress and found her in very poor condition. Apartment Zybina was in the blood. According to the actress, she fell off the bar.

Dennis also appeared in the Studio. Serdyukov said he left the apartment through the window, not wanting to Wake his beloved. In the opinion of men, since recent time, Irina seemed to have changed. Denis talked about the fact that he went to Saint Petersburg for the ailing mother, and his attitude towards the second half has not changed.

“One day there was a unique situation, just paradoxical. The Ira has changed radically. She said she doesn’t want to see me and chat. She changed her look and behavior. From a caring woman, she became a completely different person… I don’t know how to explain it,” – said Serdyukov.
Страдающая алкоголизмом Ирина Цывина ужаснула внешним видом

The son of actress Eugene Blagonravov were against her relations with Serdyukov. “I don’t know him and don’t want to. Came out of nowhere. What are the goals? This will understand more. I don’t think the person who gets out of the window, will make my mom happy. A decent man would do. I had a feeling that Denis spivet mother,” said the young man.When he reported the condition of the mother, he said she needs to be treated.

“I want her to recover. To cure her, pulled out of this state. There is already a need for us all to get together and help,” shared Blagonravov.
Страдающая алкоголизмом Ирина Цывина ужаснула внешним видом

In the discussion of alcoholism Actresses took part and psychiatrist Viktor Schmidt, who picked from home Irina, who barely understood what was happening.

“Here there is disease. It lasts for a long time. Just at the beginning, most likely, some short episodes were hiding. Well as usual, especially if the person is public”, – said the expert.

At the same time, Zybina believes that she doesn’t need help in the struggle with severe addiction. “I’m very tired mentally,” said the actress. Irina added that he is not averse to go somewhere in order to unwind. According to Zybina, she had not gone on vacation since 2012. Now all the days laid out Irina, she has a lot of shooting. “I can’t afford two months of rehabilitation. Not because of money but because of the time. I have cases here,” said the woman.