Sudzilovskaya will play in the new version of “Truffaldino from Bergamo”

Судзиловская сыграет в новой версии «Труффальдино из Бергамо»
The actress participates in a new drama project.

Судзиловская сыграет в новой версии «Труффальдино из Бергамо»

Olesya Sudzilovskaya

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Судзиловская сыграет в новой версии «Труффальдино из Бергамо»

Valery Yaremenko

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Olesya Sudzilovskaya will play in the popular Comedy of Goldoni’s “the Servant of two
gentlemen”, which was staged in the theatre and has several of the film version. In
Russian musical film “Truffaldino from Bergamo” in the lead roles was
busy Konstantin Raikin and Natalia Gundareva.

A new production of “Servant of two masters”, which released directed by Nina
Chusova, opens a new theatrical project “Theatre of the two Capitals” (premiere will be held
June 12, at the theater “Russian song”).

“At first our heroes,
representatives of different social strata, I think that each of them has its
the concept of Happiness, says Chusova. For
Truffaldino is a great opportunity to eat, Pantaloon — enhancement
well-being. To Silvio — the ability to quench your anger, to Beatrice —
the salvation of a loved one. But the way to become happy is the same. Everyone is ready
let the winds, to go on cheating and cunning. And the most honest in this
the company is the servant Truffaldino! By his actions, he not only
restores harmony and gives everyone to understand that true happiness is not
money. It is in love!”

In the play in addition to Sudzilovskaia
(Beatrice) is also busy Alexey Shevchenko (Truffaldino), Vladimir Kapustin Anatoliy kot (Florindo), Valery Yaremenko (Pantaloon),
Ivan Zhvakin and Anton Chorzow (Silvio), Arina Postnikova and Eugene Weiss (Clarice),
Sergey Stepin and Andrey Kazakov (Brighella),
Elena Medvedeva (Smeraldina) and Anatoliy Fedorenko (Doctor).