Внезапно: Михаил Задорнов оставил сразу два завещания
Satirist determined, someone from his family to leave a legacy.

Mikhail Zadornov

Photo: Elena Sukhova

It’s been six months since the death of Mikhail Zadornov, but his family has still not joined the law of inheritance. Nor the widow Zadornov Elena Bombina nor their common daughter, also Elena, not addressed to lawyers satirist. Application for entry into the inheritance has filed only the first wife of the famous humorist Zadornov Velta.

A source close to the family Zadornov, told reporters that, most likely, the widow and daughter do not want to inherit. They’re both still very worried about his departure. The daughter of Mikhail even went to live in Malta, to distract from sad thoughts.

As it turned out, shortly before his death Zadornov decided to write a will. Moreover, he was going to issue two official document. One property in Russia, the second — in Latvia, where the satirist was real estate. In the end he left and to whom, remains unknown. But the insider assured, “KP”, that “there will be surprises”.

We will remind, Mikhail, died 10 November 2017 on 70-m to year of life as a result of cancer. His departure was a blow for a generation of Russians who grew up on his performances. They buried him at home in the Latvian town of Jurmala, near the grave of his father. It was the last will of the deceased, which he expressed long before illness — in 2014. Before the body was interred in the cemetery Jaundubulti, in the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, took place the funeral of the artist.