Suddenly: marriage can strengthen… a blanket!

Внезапно: брак может укрепить... шерстяное одеяло!

More specifically, it promotes comfortable joint sleep.

The blanket is a very important thing not only in the house but in the relationship, for him in winter time and to divorce. No wonder that people were born the expression “to pull the blanket over himself”. And if it means doing something only for his own interests, not caring about the other, then in bed the literal sense. Both are cold, but a blanket one, and begins the fight for every bite. And it happens that someone in the couple is freezing and covered almost from head, and the other, on the contrary, constantly throws a blanket on the floor. In General, hard to negotiate.

But finally, scientists from the University of Leeds have figured out why this is happening. It turned out the case in the composition of the blanket! Research has shown that couples who take refuge with a woolen blanket, all happy and sleep tight.

If you approach the question from a scientific point of view, the main cause of discomfort during sleep is sweating. All of it happens in different ways. But with blankets you can control your microclimate. The fact that wool fibres are composed primarily of keratin, which is also found in our hair, skin and nails. It has a unique feature to take away excess heat and moisture away from the body, that is the key to a relaxing and comfortable sleep. Of down or polyester such properties are not available.

By the way, don’t think this study is useful only in love. For them, a blanket – only salvation from quarrels. And for single people is a great way to combat insomnia.

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