Suddenly! Julia Parshuta secretly married?

Неожиданно! Юлия Паршута тайно вышла замуж?
The singer demonstrated engagement ring with a large stone.

Photo: Instagram

Julia Parshuta refers to those stars that do not attract the attention of success on the love front. Often, under significant work projects the stars “catching up” and their personal experiences. For example, combine the wedding and the release of the albums celebrating anniversaries and recitals. Some even manage to remove the clips and twerk on the ninth month of pregnancy… But it’s not about Julia.

Recently, the subscribers of this blog have noticed that Parshuta in all the photos shows up with a ring on the ring finger of the right hand. Typically, such decorations give to the party, but no one, even the most non-superstitious person will not wear the “engagement” ring on his right hand. So the conclusion can be only one: Julia is married!

About the personal life of the singer known quite a bit. Say, she had a brief but passionate affair with Vlad Sokolovsky, when they were still very young. Now a singer happily married to another “the” star factory “participant” Rita Dakota. Not so long ago Parchute “attributed” relationship with mark Tishman, whom she met at the “star Factory” Meladze brothers. But really, Mark and Julia binds only long-standing friendship and shared creativity.

About the boyfriend Parchute not know anything. Julia keeps secret all that is connected with it. However, one day she told me that he loves her and has spared nothing for her.

For example, last year he gave her a trip to the Maldives in a luxury hotel. “He saw how hard I worked last time, and realized that I need to reboot. Of course, I was happy when he came and said: “the flight is Tomorrow, and it is not discussed”, — said Julia. But it was a case, when the body is ready to leave, and the suitcase is missing! No new swimsuit or summer clothes… I had to solve the problem in one night!”

Ten days on the Islands of the singer was enough to relax and rejuvenate. “Our stay was not a passive, “eggplant”. Every day we swam, rode bikes. Three times I had to go to cardio. And we shot video and took pictures…”

Any pictures with the groom Parshuta then not shown. By the way, the trip took place in the first half of December last year, as the New year is a hot time for all artists. 11 Dec Yulia returned to Moscow, and already the 14th appeared in the photo in your blog with the ring. So it is possible that in addition to the most romantic reason the chosen star was organized there and even a wedding ceremony.

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