Suddenly! Ekaterina Volkova became a grandmother

Неожиданно! Екатерина Волкова стала бабушкой
The daughter of actress gave his mother a surprise.

Photo: Instagram

Daughter Ekaterina Volkova only 7 years old, but she already managed to make his famous mother and grandmother. Of course, not real, but only in the game. But what the 36-year-old actress, moreover, who looks barely 25, it like?!

Here Volkov appreciated the morning game his daughter, which gave my mom quite naturalistic pups with the words: “Sit with his grandson while I’m busy!”

“So suddenly this morning I became a grandmother!” — said the star of the TV series “Voronin” in a personal blog to his fans. Needless to say that the person Catherine was not beaming with happiness?

By the way, the replenishment of the family Volkoff from time to time thinks. Recently, she along with her husband, architect Andrey Karpov, build a big house in the suburbs, where there are certainly room for one more child. While Catherine “warming up” on Pets.

In the spring in honor of the 7th anniversary of Lisa appeared in the house Bunny two.”Lasuna not depart from your Pets. Teach a child to be responsible for those who tamed” — wrote then the actress in the microblog published a series of photos where the daughter plays with pussy.

It is interesting that initially, she was denied her daughter the desire to buy dwarf rabbits. She categorically did not want to have an even greater number of Pets. Maybe the reason was that in a country house Volkova lived three dog: Bo dog breed Akito-Ino dog nicknamed Rays and “mongrel” Ru, which Bo found a puppy near the village, where lives the all-star family. The actress also lived another cat buddy, but he some time ago moved in the house of the parents of Catherine.

So what worries the actress enough, especially because she and her husband are trying to do without the help of nannies or grandmothers, they have excellent out since the birth of Elizabeth.