Suddenly: check cafe Lena Bat declared illegal

Внезапно: проверки кафе Лены Летучей признали незаконными

The police found that the crew headed Flying substitutes for the CPS.

Popular TV project on the audit cafes and hotels this year, has endured a lot: the change of leading, numerous scandals and the triumphant return of Lena Flying. But that’s not all… Hand with new powers for the inspection of restaurants, blonde with nerves of steel faced with the discontent not only of the owners of institutions, but also police officers. The representatives of law-enforcement authorities called the actions of the crew “illegal”.

Photo: TV channel “Friday!”

Anyone who has ever seen the program knows that the Bat does not leave a chance to the owners of the establishments to hide something. Whether it’s spoiled food or dirt in the kitchen. In fact, due to this program has become so popular among the people. After all programs have closed a café with dirty kitchens and expired products, and those who passed the test, proudly molded on the glass-sticker “checked “Revizorro”. And there was not to Fly, nor to Romanov a few years no issues, until Lena swung at Moscow catering.

Suddenly, MIA decided that Flying does their job, and climb in the Affairs of public services. They say that journalists can’t act in this way – to go to the kitchen to check the cleanliness of the premises where the food is cooked.

“Under article 47 of the law “On mass media” law of the journalist do not predetermine any exceptional prerogatives inherent in state bodies”, – is noted in the explanations of the Ministry of interior. As an example, the prerogatives of the police lead to “the use of coercive measures”. Apparently, referring to a case where a film crew with fight broke in the kitchen…

We were unable to get through to Lena Fly, but on the TV channel “Friday!” the speech of the right keepers were surprised. After all, the program comes with 2014, and filming location for the settlement of problems have repeatedly visited by the police. The legitimacy of the actions of the journalists have been in doubt.

“Moreover, we have taken the statements in which the presenter pointed out that requests to initiate proceedings for the 144th article of the Russian Criminal code (obstruction of journalistic activities). And one time it even was opened in Salekhard. If the survey was conducted with violations, obviously, it would not be opened”, – said in conversation with the correspondent of Woman’s Day representative of the TV channel Natalia Abramochkin.

In addition, in her words, lawyers of the channel is not currently received any notification. In any case, the shooting of new programs at the moment stopped and all forces are thrown on the preparation of the new show “School of Revizorro,” in which Lena will bring up a successor.