Such a simple beam: fast styling for every day

Такой простой пучок: быстрая укладка на каждый день

We know how in 5 minutes to create a cool hairstyle and the appearance of long and lush hair.

“How fortunate her with long hair. Can any hairstyle easy to do,” sigh the owners of medium length hair. But we want to please you: for short hair you can come up with many interesting images. One of them is a voluptuous beam, which due to the fleece creates the effect of a braid to her waist.

Video published Hair&Mua (@p.s_lab) Mar 24 2016 10:57 PDT

“If you have average length, use the technique of fleece, so the beam will look bigger! Long hair braid braid and collect the beam,” advises stylist Anna SKOLNIK.

“The beam – current selection for any occasion! You can play with it. To make it really easy: gather hair into a ponytail, and then a variety of options necesite or make it smooth, make a bunch of KOs, add hairpieces, brooches, ribbons, pins, colored rubber bands! Don’t be afraid to experiment,” says the stylist.

Besides, this hairstyle is easy to disguise dirty hair. Try?

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