Successor to Dr. Lisa was appalled at her choice

Преемница Доктора Лизы была потрясена ее выбором The appointment of a journalist, long time worked in glossy magazines, to the post of head of the Fund “Fair aid” came as a surprise to some. Ksenia Sokolova has explained why he decided to continue the work of close friend.

      Преемница Доктора Лизы была потрясена ее выбором

      In February of this year it became known that the head of the Fund “Fair use” was elected journalist Ksenia Sokolova. Prior to that, sources told the correspondent about that, she is considered as the basic applicant for a post which was occupied by Elizaveta Glinka, who died in a plane crash December 25, 2016. According to insiders, a human rights activist she was nominated by close friend and wanted to Sokolov led the organization in the event of her death.

      “Dr. Lisa too had moments of weakness”: a close about Elizabeth Glinka

      In his official statement, Sokolov, a former good friend of public figure, said that she is very excited to continue the work of a friend. The woman also noted that it is a great honor and responsibility. At the same time, the purpose Sokolova, collaborating with a number of glossy magazines, took many by surprise. Some social media users were surprised that the journalist, long time “Shine” at social events, do charity Fund.

      Преемница Доктора Лизы была потрясена ее выбором

      Recently Ksenia Sokolova gave an interview in which she explained why she decided to become the successor of the deceased friend, and also explained how the family reacted to her new job. According to the woman, she reached the ceiling in journalism, so I decided to try myself in different spheres.

      “The last thing I expected to head the charitable Foundation, especially the “Fair aid” Elizabeth Glinka. Lisa was a dear friend of mine, we knew each other for almost 10 years. My agreeing to lead the Fund is a tribute to this friendship. After Lisa became, her husband and staff have approached me with this offer. I helped Lisa, but what would be in her place as the head of the Fund – my mind could not come… When to me this offer came, my first reaction was: “are You crazy?!” And the second reaction: “Lisa I’ll do anything,” said Sokolov.

      According to the women, at first she was afraid to let down those who counted on it. Sokolov didn’t understand, will she be able to cope with new responsibilities. Xenia also made it clear that it is pointless to compare with a friend. “We are too different… My goal is to carefully preserve what made Lisa, and develop it,” – said Sokolov.

      In addition, she told us that relatives were sympathetic to her decision to lead the charity. “My family and I accepted”, – quotes the woman, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.