История успеха звезды балета Нино Ананиашвили

История успеха звезды балета Нино АнаниашвилиShe is the star of the ballet artist of the Bolshoi theatre, Nino Ananiashvili. He Grigol Vashadze, the Ministry of foreign Affairs. Though he was
married, fell in love with her, and she loved ballet. What sacrifices did George for Nino to be with the one you love. What
the secret to a happy family life for 30 years?

“I saw her on TV and I swear I said she is my wife!”, — says George. She like all brilliant people – no time
absolutely. Nino Ananiashvili was born in Tbilisi in a simple Georgian family, mother – scholar, father – geologist. She was the only girl, so it is guarded with peculiar awe, she was extremely capable. Parents advised to give the child to the ballet, where the daughter immediately became
the best student. It was necessary to develop further, and in Georgia there was no place, therefore, the family Council it was decided, the girl together with the grandmother moved to Moscow. Nino, no problem goes to ballet school. Her talent was noticed and invited in a Large
theatre in Moscow.

История успеха звезды балета Нино Ананиашвили
After the first successful performance in Britain, the talented Georgian to hide from the world was already extremely difficult! It began to invite the world’s best theatres on tour. Around Nino schemed, invented rumors, constantly set up rival, but Ananiashvili knew his worth. She became a star of ballet in Denmark, Sweden, Austria, everywhere tore the applause, made enchanting career, after which Saakashvili had invited her to head the Tbilisi Opera and ballet theatre.

When the girl was 19 years old on TV saw future husband, although at the time he was married and raised her first child, but his feelings
was stronger and he decided to divorce his wife. As soon as the previous relationship had been received, George began to gain
Nino. In the theater, where he performed Nino sent with his card, a huge bouquet of flowers. And she called him, they talked, and then he
invite yourself over. George came to meet with a huge bouquet of carnations. It happened their first acquaintance. Although she then thought
about relationships and Boyfriends, she lived only in the theatre, of courtship lasted 3 years, but in spite of everything George was persistent and
patient until it surrendered. But after the wedding, the man was in no hurry to settle down as wife scene continued to stay on the ground

История успеха звезды балета Нино Ананиашвили
To be close to a loved one on the road George decides to leave his job at the Ministry. George was the agent of his wife, helped her, and she has toured around the world.

In 2004, the year they returned to Georgia and found out that she is pregnant. This miracle happened when she was 42 years old. February 14 came to light Elena. She is so enthusiastic about motherhood that I thought about retirement, but it lasted only a year and the star dancer returned to dance and lead the National theatre in Tbilisi, and George returned to the diplomatic career. Together they have more than 30 years in sorrow and in joy. Their daughter is 12 and as before they have love in the first place!

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