Subscribers Volochkova think it is a crazy city

Подписчики Волочковой считают ее городской сумасшедшей

The behaviour Anastasia Volochkova long been many haunted. Criticism, which is almost every day, pouring the ballerina, was quite commonplace.

However, every day it’s all taking a more serious color. If you have previously Volochkova perceived as a woman who just need to shock the audience in order to exist normally, but now Anastasia’s behavior compared to the behavior of a crazy city”,

By the way, so called a ballerina by her followers in the social network, under its new publication.

In the picture Nastia is pictured in an awkward form. On the ballerina wearing a red sports jacket and black pants. Diluted this way, two interesting subject – “the boots are size 48 and the weird feathers on the head.”

“Urban crazy”, “Bloody feet, compres-Sion roller”, “Why are you deliberately ruining yourself such awful costumes, shoes, makeup?” “We begin to doubt that you are adequate! Why did you mutilate yourself? This is not cool, not funny and not interesting!” – write page subscribers Volochkova in the social network and each time I hope that it will be something to praise their favorite.

And what about the appearance of the ballerinas you say?