Subjects of Elizabeth II breaking it in her shoes

Подданные Елизаветы II разнашивают ее обувь

Not so long ago we told you about the diet of the current Queen of great Britain. We wrote about the fact that Queen Elizabeth II prefers for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is worth saying that the food at the monarch exquisite and very diverse. Many were surprised by the fact that in his old age Her Highness allows himself to drain a glass or two.

It became known today about another aspect of the personal life of the Queen.

It turns out that Elizabeth II wears new shoes. Yes, you understood correctly. The Queen of England can’t wear shoes that didn’t carry some of her subjects. According to insiders, Queen Elizabeth II is afraid of calluses and trying to avoid them.

Whimsy Elisabeth that her shoes were broken-in, has reached the point that the Royal court even there are special people hired for these purposes.