Суарес-Кавани и еще четыре легендарных дуэта форвардов
7days.ru recalls the best bunch of forwards of all time, who shone in the football tournaments.

Суарес-Кавани и еще четыре легендарных дуэта форвардов

Luis Suarez and Edison Cavani (Uruguay)

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Football history is replete with famous players (Pele, Diego Maradona, Garrincha, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo), has
the highest individual skill, amazing dribbling and
the ability to score a beautiful and important goals. However, in the history there were cases when the forwards formed a
partners on the team played attacking ligaments, which terrified
the defenders of the opponent team. Today we will tell to readers 7days.ru
about five legendary duets forwards of all time.

Luis Suarez and Edison Cavani (Uruguay)

One of the strongest attacking Duo of modern times is the tandem
Uruguayan forwards Luis Suarez, Edison Cavani. The players debuted in
national team with a difference per year (Suarez in February 2007, and Edison — in
February 2008
) and now is one of the best scorers in its football
history (53 goals from Suarez, 45 — Cavani).

However, taking place in Russia championship
a bunch of South American forwards showed their trademark teamwork only a few
a number of times. While fans remember only Cavani first goal against Portugal,
which Edison scored a header with the transfer of Suarez. The second goal, scored in the 62nd minute of the match, at his own expense recorded Cavani.

Unfortunately, this victory for
Uruguay’s match (2:1) Edison Cavani injured leg, and his participation in today’s quarterfinal game
against France still open to question.

Romario and Bebeto (Brazil)

Суарес-Кавани и еще четыре легендарных дуэта форвардов

Romario and Bebeto (Brazil)

When did the world Cup 1994 in the USA, the main stars of the team
The Brazilian forwards Romario and Bebeto — spirit
couldn’t stand each other. Temperamental Romario
not once publicly criticized his teammate on the national team, aged Bebeto nicknamed “cry-baby” is not
answered, holding resentment in yourself. However, thanks to the victories of Brazilians during the world Cup, the degree of conflict between the attackers gradually decreased.

Final reconciliation forwards took place after
stunning goals Bebeto at the gates of the Netherlands, which forwards celebrated the famous “cradle” (a few days before
the mast Bebeto the child was born
By the way, Brazil has become the champion of the world largely thanks to this Duo
forwards, and many fans put the Duo in first place of football history.

“People in Brazil still say that our Duo with Romario was
the best in the history of the national team. But we had Pele, Garrincha, Zico. It
a great honor that we remember in this way. Playing alongside Romario was
the work of God. We understood each other perfectly”, — said

Ronaldo and Romario (Brazil)

Суарес-Кавани и еще четыре легендарных дуэта форвардов

Ronaldo and Romario (Brazil)


After a triumphant 1994 world Cup Brazilian national team
was rejuvenation. To the fore came a new superstar in the world
— Ronaldo, nicknamed “the Phenomenon” (and the tooth fairy”), who at the time
the most talented player on the planet. In friendlies before
The 1998 world Cup where the Brazilians fell automatically (as defending champion
the world), was “born” a new bundle of superpowerdom
Romario-Ronaldo, bringing terror to all opponents.

In 1997
Brazil for the first time in history won “the confederations Cup”, beating in
the final of Australia with the score 6:0 (Romario and Ronaldo scoring three goals).
However, prior to the world Cup at France 1998 “killer” tandem “ro-Ro” was not reached. Before the tournament the 32-year-old Romario
got a small
injury and the coach of Brazil, Mario was Zagalo, despite the willingness of the striker
decided to replace it with another veteran — 34-year-old Bebeto.

When at a press conference Romario learned that the coach was expelled
him from the national team, and he misses the last in his life a chance to become
two-time world champion, started crying
in front of the cameras. By the way, according to most, this substitution was fatal
zagalo was a mistake that cost the Brazilians the gold medal at the championship
1998 world.

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Суарес-Кавани и еще четыре легендарных дуэта форвардов

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Суарес-Кавани и еще четыре легендарных дуэта форвардов

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