Стилисты сделали из Джей Ло «тетю»

On the set of the series “Shades of blue” the owner of the sexiest butt has changed beyond recognition.

Remember short skirties and gold studs J. Lo live? And insured for millions of dollars the ass? Looking at the photo, that appears to be from a burning brunette and left no trace.

Photographers caught 47-year-old actress on the set of the detective series “Shades of blue”. Looked like the dream of millions of men, to put it mildly, does not matter. Ten years to the age of stylists certainly she added.

On Lopez was a plain woolen top and shapeless trousers, which she, among other things, was a bit short. And about the hairstyle better and to remain silent. For these curls famous cheekbones and lips of the singer to view!

However, registered this effect the stylists were going for. After all, in the detective series J. Lo plays a single mother working for the FBI undercover.

The series premiere took place in America in January 2016. Despite the low ratings, it was decided to shoot the second season. And give Lopez, exactly like the audience another chance to capture the beauty of this story.

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In the meantime…

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