Стилисты жестоко подшутили над герцогиней Кэтрин
Attire wife of Prince William caused a heated discussion online.

Prince William Duchess Catherine, a scene from the movie “rosemary’s Baby”

Photo: Social Networks

Fans of Duchess Catherine, which is April 23, gave birth to her third child, made of puzzled by their discovery. They found
that dress, in which the Prince’s wife first appeared before the public after
delivery was almost an exact copy of clothing the heroine of the famous “horror”.

Initially, when Catherine got out of the doors of the Hospital
Holy Mary with the newborn Prince Louis
in her arms, all thought her gown from Jenny Packham — fantasy on the theme of the outfit
Diana, Princess of Wales. Diana’s in it for the first time appeared in front of the British when
gave birth to a younger brother of William, Harry. That Catherine decided to pay tribute to
the memory of the beloved mother of her husband, there would be absolutely nothing strange. Because it is quite
often clothed in dresses in the style of Diana. For example, blue polka-dot dress, in which Catherine, at the time, came to the door of the hospital, when the birth of George, resembled the outfit mom
William appeared before the crowd with her first child on hands.

Therefore, at this time, all first saw in a red dress Katherine another imitation of Diana. But actually this outfit the Duchess was similar to the clothing mother of William only very approximately. But one of the fans found the outfit, almost identical to the dress Catherine. “I knew immediately that this dress reminds me of something… Look at the heroine MIA Farrow!” — wrote on his page in the social network, the author of “discovery.” And posted next to the photo of Catherine — frame from a horror movie of Roman Polanski “rosemary’s Baby”…

This similarity has caused ambiguous reaction of the Network users. I did this “coincidence” Katherine, why didn’t stop her none of her consultants, stylists, remains a mystery…