Стилист Даны Борисовой уверяет, что ее слова являются ложью
The other day Dana Borisova was present at the filming of the TV show “Let them talk” and told how her treatment in rehab in Thailand.

Стилист Даны Борисовой уверяет, что ее слова являются ложью

Dana says that she first tried drugs when they offered her PR Manager Tim Brick, who died last year. And then it began to supply prohibited drugs stylist ray Samedov.

The man denies all the words of This and believes that she just doesn’t want to admit his guilt and trying to blame her at least for someone.

“We haven’t seen Dana more than a month. What I heard brought me into a state of shock. Dana, do not hesitate, slandered me all over the country, saying that I was bringing her drugs. Don’t know her either not recovered, or it may have overheated in the sun. This person accused me of something I didn’t commit. Maybe she infringed feminine vanity, I don’t know that it worked. She has for many years been in this state. (…) She is ready to shift the blame onto anyone but themselves,” says ray.

Samedov believes that the state of This is no progress, the treatment does not give results.

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