Стилист Селин Дион раскрыл секреты своей знаменитой клиентки
How and why so dramatically changed the style of the singer.

Celine Dion


The last time Celine Dion impresses fans with his bold and flashy outfits. How did 49-year-old singer takes courage in choosing clothes? On this exciting many fans of Celine Dion is her stylist law roach. Lo says that Celine over 15 years of experience in Las Vegas really learned not to be afraid of experiments and risks. She readily goes towards ideas of the stylist and proposals of the designers, which are specially sewn for the stars outfits.

Celine ready spends 5-6 hours trying on different toilets and accessories, she never gets angry and is not easily provoked, but on the contrary, makes hours-long session in a fun and easy game. Tirelessly disguised herself and asked the assistant, too, to try different things. They pretend came to the reception, party or performing on stage. Naturally, such an attitude inspires the stylist to search for new and more daring looks for his star client.

Maybe Celine Dion got so into the spirit after a long period of illness of her husband, then grief at his passing. In the end, why not learn again to enjoy life not only on stage but also behind its limits. No wonder, the relationship of the singer with her young backing dancer to become more like romantic. Well, you can’t blame Celine – because she had a lot of experience, and she for many years was a faithful and devoted wife.