Стиль звезд: идеальный пляжный образ Джей Ло

The star visited the carnival Carnival Del Sol in Las Vegas, where it displayed a stylish and sexy outfit for the beach.

J. Lo loves to open and very seductive outfits. However, in her wardrobe you can find not only mind-blowing “naked” dress, but also sexy things for everyday life. Recently, the singer showed how should look the perfect beach bow.

At the carnival, Carnival Del Sol, where Jennifer Lopez performed as the lead, she appeared in a provocative microsort bright white, tiny bikini and a silk blouse with tropical print. Star complements the image of wide-brimmed straw hat, sunglasses, retro style and a pair of sandals on thin straps. Great finish steel large gold earrings and chunky bracelets-cuffs. An important caveat of the image: the print on the blouse is J. Lo exactly match the pattern on the bikini.

Despite its simplicity, the look is very bold, bright and sexy.

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