Стиль в крови: Водянова с дочкой на модном показе

The supermodel led a 10-year-old daughter Neva to the show Ulyana Sergeenko.

Exactly a month ago the famous Russian model became a mother for the fifth time. 4 Jun Natasha gave birth to son Roman and in four weeks, came to the podium. And yesterday on the show Ulyana Sergeenko Vodianova even allowed myself a supermini!

A demonstration of a new collection of Russian designer Natasha didn’t come alone, but accompanied by a 10-year-old daughter Neva. Then the fans and noticed that Vodianova grows worthy replacement.

“Devochka in a hurry to see his first couture show of Ulyana Sergeenko. It may seem that it is not I her, and she leads me,” wrote the model.

In the picture published by Natasha, it is clear that Neva grows a copy of the famous mother. The girl got her blond hair, eyes, smile and style, she is also in the blood. The girl was dressed in an elegant dress with a pastel pink print, and in his hands he held a little bag from Dior. A real young lady. If she choose a career as a model, you will not regret it and will surpass mom in popularity.

The Natasha chose to exit dress with super short skirt in Tulip pink. Subscribers immediately called her Alice in Wonderland.

Indeed, the image turned out so tender, like Vodianova has walked off the pages of a fairy tale.

A special praise deserves the figure of a model. Agree, have a month ago, the fifth child and decide mini this afford a rare girl.

“God, you’re gorgeous! I’m after a second birth-they can’t recover,” write Natasha fans.

Yes, there really is something to think about. Vodianova either very lucky with the genes, or Natasha has a secret. She will be extremely grateful, if it will open.

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