Stuntman Alexander Inshakov outraged searches at home

Каскадер Александр Иншаков возмущен обысками у себя дома Law enforcement officers raided not only in the cottage the men, located on the Rublevsky highway, but in the office of the Russian cynological Association, which is headed by a man. According to journalists, this is due to the initiated earlier criminal case about assignment of membership dues.
Каскадер Александр Иншаков возмущен обысками у себя дома

Journalists report that early in the morning in the house of the actor, stuntman and head of the Russian cynological Association of Alexander inshakova were searched. Law enforcement officers visited the house of the artist, located in the village of Rasskazovka to the Rublevskoye highway. A similar event was held in the office men. Correspondents report that Inshakov has seized a number of documents.

Previously it was a criminal case about assignment of membership dues. According to investigators, the dog owners were paid money for participating in the activities and employees of the organization have not made the information in the documents.

Alexander Inshakov connects excitation of criminal case in an attempt to destroy the Federation. This man said during a conversation with journalists. He also added that he plans to go to the Investigation Committee. Inshakov intends to testify and complain of the search conducted at his home.

“This history lasts more than two years. Was at one time an attempt of raider capture of the Federation RKF, but nothing happened. To me today at seven in the morning came the people do not know why. I tell them: “You I already had and know what to look for I have nothing, I don’t do finances. I am the President”… Our member of the Presidium knocked on the door of the hotel, he opened the door, punched him, handcuffed, tried where-that to take. Well, how so? It is time to end this outrage,” said the man.

Inshakov believes that the organization, headed by him, is under serious threat. “The man who inspires it all, obsessively seeks to destroy the Federation”, – said the head of the Russian cynological Association in the course of conversation with media representatives.

According to journalists, the movie star has not yet been charged with any crime. Alexander Inshakov had previously been a witness in the case of assignment of membership dues.

Note also that Tuesday was supposed to be a conference RKF. However, the event was canceled in connection with searches, reports RIA Novosti.

Let’s add, that Alexander Inshakov – the famous actor, Director, screenwriter and producer. The man is the President of the Guild of stuntmen of Russia’s Union of cinematographers of the Russian Federation and is the head of the Russian cynological Federation.