Исследование: россияне отключат Интернет в отпуске

International experts travel metasearch Momondo conducted a survey on the dependence of vacationers to gadgets in which took part more than 29 000 people from 20 countries.

The results of the survey showed that in comparison with last year the Russians were less likely to go online while on holiday. And the majority of those who continues to sit in the Internet, mostly watching the posts of other users and places your photos.

According to experts Momondo, only 11% of Russians have never made a break in the use of social media during the holidays last year so said 19% !).

It also found that 29% of respondents deliberately doing “Internet break”, while 26% unconscious. In addition, 25% of our countrymen don’t go to social networks on vacation, as it does not have this capability, and 8% because this behavior may not like their companions. Ostalinie 8% of respondents would like to have a rest from Internet, but yet never tried.

“The refusal of the majority of Russians from using social media during the holidays shows how real feeling is more important to them virtual “likes” and reposts. In addition, today many people use these sites in the work, and the desire to take a break during the holidays is understandable. However, one should not discount the influence these resources have on our lives. For example, according to our another study, more and more Russian tourists are looking for inspiration on a new journey in social networks. If last year’s beautiful posts in communities and personal accounts gave ideas for trips 31% of Russians, this year – already 38%,” explains the study results Irina Riabovol, the representative of the international travel metasearch momondo in Russia.

By the way, about vdohnoveniya photo. According to statistics, 34% of Russians use social networks, on vacation, to put pictures online. While 30% of respondents write posts, and 12% – post the video. The remaining 37% use the Internet to be aware of the news and view news friends.

The most popular social networks for Russian “Vkontakte” and “Classmates”. They are 65% and 40%, respectively. Foreign Instagram and Facebook prefer to only 22% and 21%, respectively. Low demand among our countrymen are Mail (20%), SMS (17%), Google+ (13%) and Twitter (12%), Periscope (2%), Pinterest (1%) and Tinder (1%).

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