Studies have shown a link between cold weather and heart attack

Исследования показали связь между холодной погодой и инфарктом

For 16 years scientists from the Swedish University conducted research and tried to find a connection between cold weather and heart attack. During the research it was analyzed the condition of many people. The total number is 280 thousand people. Observations have allowed to find a connection between cardiovascular disease and cold weather, when the lack of heat causes aggravation or discomfort.

Details of these studies and nature observations

Analyzed health registry to compile statistics on heart attacks. The total observation period of 16 years from late 1997 to 2013. Additionally, collected data about the weather using several hundred sources. Accurate information is allowed to use it for analysis with the possibility to compare with data about diseases.

Scientists analyzed the frequency of occurrence of cardiovascular diseases and weather conditions. The precision of the experiment were used to identify groups of people with different diseases, including diabetes, atherosclerosis, stomach ulcers, those who have experienced a heart attack or stroke, etc.

The results of research and observations

During the analysis of situations has formed pattern — the number of heart attacks increased, when the temperature dropped below zero. The team leader was Moman A., Mohammad, who personally gave a report on the final results. With the gradual increase of temperature the peak of the disease decreased.
When exposed to cold, the vessels constrict, and the thermal permeability of the skin is reduced. As a result increases blood pressure, causing headaches and discomfort in the heart area. As the result of exposure to cold may appear trembling hands. This causes increase of heart rate by altering metabolism. The result of this action is to increase body temperature.

Healthy people tolerate differences and the effect of the cold weather normally but in the presence of atherosclerotic plaques in blood vessels may develop myocardial infarction. The only way to keep healthy is to buy a heater that at least at home to maintain a comfortable high temperature.

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