STS will wash up the bones of competitors

СТС перемоет кости конкурентам
The first person in the Federal channels “get a hand”.

СТС перемоет кости конкурентам

The heroes of the show “the Couch”

Photo: STS

According to statistics, the Russians are watching TV more than three hours
day, and exactly the same he looks at them. In the new reality show “the Couch” on STS
looked at seven of the most usual Russian houses and found that to observe
viewers are much more interesting than just watching TV. Nothing
makes us thin the critically acclaimed, top stylists and trainers for all
sports, like your favorite sofa! What really think a regular viewer of
loud premieres, controversial show, glasses Dmitry Nagiyev and hair Andrew

“This show is about us, because we all watch TV and often
him speak, Daria Lagoni-Fialko, Director of the CTC. But
if these thoughts remained in four walls, now they will break
out. For the first time Russian viewers will see yourself from the outside, a TV crew will hear
he thinks about their work a real audience, which hide faceless figures
the ratings”.

The organizers have found the future of the show on the street, in
restaurants and stores, studied social networks and gathering places of young people. Among
600 applicants were migrant workers, grandmothers, children, young couples and families in
full strength.

The participants of the show will appear on the screen in own clothes and without
makeup. Special filming technology, creating the effect of lack of camera
developed Kirill Klepanov — cinematographer festival box office hits
“Major” and “Fool” directed by Yuri Bykov.

In the first season to the sofa sat down:

Migrant workers and the bartender

СТС перемоет кости конкурентам

The heroes of the show “the Couch”

Photo: STS

Handymen Seros (24) and Shuhrat (40), the bartender Sabit
(32). Friends and natives of Uzbekistan arrived to Moscow on earnings.
Thabit got a job as a bartender in a nightclub of the sleeping area, and his
countrymen in search of income have to take any job. Although friends a lot
time together, they have different preferences: Shukhrat includes the First
channel Sabit watching STS and Seros channel “Culture”. Guys devote lot
time to study the Russian language, and Sabit was also interested in English – he
dreams of travel to America and meet Selena Gomez.

Hipsters bloggers

СТС перемоет кости конкурентам

The heroes of the show “the Couch”

Photo: STS

Video blogger and model Maria Monogarova, concert promoter Nicholas
Pomogaev. In 2013, Maria took part in the TV show “Top model
in Russian,” and then appeared on the catwalks in Rome, Milan and Paris. The social network for
it both a work and hobby: the account of Mary in the network Instagram has
more than 500 thousand subscribers. Girl wants to get acquainted with Ivan Urgant and
to become the leading show “Evening Monogarova”. Proud of its long legs, but
the main advantage considers an extensive vocabulary. Maria’s friend — Nicholas Pomogaev — hopes that if there is
a musical hell, it will get Philip and Yegor creed. Believes that
every real men must have tattoos and a beautiful girlfriend model,
as Maria Monogarova.

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