Перенесший инсульт Вячеслав Малежик рискует здоровьем The musician was not able to protect themselves from stress. Vyacheslav Malezhik enjoyed what came on stage and performed their songs in front of an audience. However, because of this his blood pressure rose.
Перенесший инсульт Вячеслав Малежик рискует здоровьем

Last year, after a benefit performance in honor of the 70th anniversary of Vyacheslav Malezhik said about serious health problems. He suffered a stroke. However, after only a few months he was back on stage. The musician is thankful for his friends who helped him during this period. He believes that without them could not bring myself to sing in front of an audience. Despite the fact that it was hard for him, he experienced mixed feelings. Vyacheslav Malezhik recovering from a stroke

“But it was, on the one hand, severe emotional stress, and with another not less strong emotional feeding. When I was declared, the people stood up, burst into applause. I had tears in my eyes, even half a minute I was going with power to act. Then he began to sing, but the pressure has gone under 190. There were two men from the ambulance. Well, the wife, who was trying to stop me, but it was held,” recalled Malezhik.
Перенесший инсульт Вячеслав Малежик рискует здоровьем

Now Vyacheslav Efimovich realized that perhaps one of the reasons of sharp deterioration of state of health and suffered a stroke from his big concert at the State Kremlin Palace in honor of the anniversary. He did not want to organize such a feast, but he could not refuse a tempting offer. Malezhik’s wife has accused the star producer in stroke husband

Перенесший инсульт Вячеслав Малежик рискует здоровьем“But when there were two people who came in and said: “Glory, you have to! We paid you rent, some other things…” That’s my wife – the witness: as long as these friends of mine showed up and made me an offer, I’m not going to fix anything. But subconsciously, I just wanted these people came,” – said the musician.

The actor admitted that before the performance held at the rehearsal, five hours, and then came on the scene, where he worked for another three hours. He believes that it is required by the profession and some of their own habits. “I’m probably a product of the Soviet era – when we had a five-year plan, we had to implement it. And preferably to exceed, and ahead of schedule. I guess I’m still a prisoner of his habits and improper training,” says Malezhik in an interview with “World news.”