Stroganovyh brought a shock to “trick” the youngest daughter

Стриженовых привела в шок «выходка» младшей дочки
Catherine spoke about teenage rebellion, and Alexandra.

Catherine and Alexander Strizhenov with his daughter

Photo: @Instagram strizhenovae Catherine Strizhenovoj

Daughter of Catherine and Alexander Strizhenovy entered recently in “dangerous” age. Young Alexandra started adolescence. The star of the First channel have told about how to cope with a difficult task — raising a teenager.

TV presenter he honestly admits that she was lucky enough. Alexandra is not too deteriorated the character. She also shares with my mother all the most secret and listens to her advice. Catherine was able to recall only one occasion when her youngest daughter had what’s called “teenage rebellion.”

Talking about is about finding your own style that one ended for Alexandra reprimand from parents. Daughter of Catherine and Alexander came to the performance at the Bolshoi theatre in improper form. “Sasha in the frame in 3 years, so familiar with makeup and even stage makeup, special taboo never was: I sincerely believe that the more you deny, the stronger in any moment can break a child, greedily desired. Although once Sasha is shocked when dad appeared at the Bolshoi theatre with dark wine lips, which could not be washed off immediately – the lipstick was matte!” — told Strizhenova.

In all other respects Alexander pleases parents. Those, in turn, trust her so much that is not subjected to the strict control of her life. Catherine not really watching the activity of the daughter in social networks, as it is sure that she will not publish anything “extra”.

“Sasha, of course, following each other, but the activity of the daughter I do not keep track, though, it may not be true. At one time we had a safety briefing: don’t believe those who write you there, because it is not your friends – on the other side of “black mirror” could be anyone!” admitted Catherine Marie Claire.