Strizhenov said unusual pearl wedding

Стриженовы необычно отметили жемчужную свадьбу
Presenters flew in a romantic journey.

Photo: Instagram

Alexander and Ekaterina Strizhenov is a model for all modern married couples. They, along with school, and yesterday celebrated the 30th anniversary of the wedding!

This day the husband and wife decided to celebrate with a special scale. They flew to present a romantic trip to China. They looked all the attractions: climb the highest tower in Pudong, “talked” with the pandas, visited the local restaurants. Catherine liked it there so that she has decided to come back here to live when I retire.

Day “x” the couple had a very unusual.

“For this we flew to Shanghai, — says Ekaterina. — “Pearl wedding” decided to celebrate “pearl capital”! Went to the “pearl village”, participated in the “pearl auction,” went to the pearl market, climbed the tower “pearl of the Orient”… Now I respond only to the “pearl of mine”!”

In the evening Strizhenov, of course, went to the restaurant. For this special event Catherine wore a white dress with a lace collar, which is specially brought. This outfit has created the sister of TV presenter, fashion designer Victoria Andrejanova.