Stray dogs from Volgograd started a new life in Malta

Бездомные собаки из Волгограда начали новую жизнь на Мальте “StarHit” learned how caudate become citizens of Sunny Isles. With the 22-year-old student animals left on the street become family and its angle.

    Бездомные собаки из Волгограда начали новую жизнь на Мальте

    When the lapdog Ron was a few months old, someone threw her from the window of a house located near the Volgograd hospital №22. The puppy suffered a broken jaw, but survived. Little, shaggy and sick… “Well, who do you need?” exclaimed the clinic workers, feeding her. Three years later, have changed their leadership in a medical facility – and from the Rhone decided to get rid of, say, dog “spoils the facade.” The dog was taken to the cemetery. But many hospital staff and residents in the district attached to the Rhone, therefore, began to visit and feed her.

    In Krasnoarmeysk district of Volgograd mongrels reason is often sent to the graveyard, to find an old friend there it was easy. Few weeks someone took pity and brought her back to the old place. Dog significantly passed in the last few weeks, fighting off swarms of stray dogs that roam among the graves in search of food.

    In his heart

    A guardian angel for the Rhone became Vodolazhskaya of Jan. The girl with the help of volunteers built a dog on overexposure, where it is fattened, and treated her hair cut. Yana photographed transfigured dog and posted a photo of her on Facebook. Work theory of six handshakes, and the appeal was heard already in Malta. Natasha Haber – immigrant of Russian descent, was born in Pervouralsk in 2005 got married and moved to the Sunny island.

    She promised to find a good home for the poor thing. And exactly one month she did it! In the Rhone on a personal car came to another caring for animals – volunteer with the Malta Maroussia, and carried the dog through the whole of Europe.

    “We only had time to take pictures: “Ron in Italy”, “Ron sunbathes on the beach”, “Rhone – Queen of the gas station,” – says Yana. – She lives in a big house and almost every day eat ice cream!”

    On the question of why Jan, a 22-year-old student, helps animals, but not children, says: “children Have rights! And any state program. And what have our brothers? No, I don’t mind if you save the orphans or the elderly – only respect and understand how much work this is!”
    Бездомные собаки из Волгограда начали новую жизнь на Мальте

    But Ian made a choice and created a special non-profit organization for homeless animals “Do Good”. She is the head of the first Deputy – her mother Natalia, and employees are caring people who report abandoned Pets, take part in the search for the home, make a financial contribution. For example, for the accounting of donated funds is responsible Yulia Sycheva. Being on maternity leave, she began taking dogs, cats, hamsters and other small animals abandoned to overexposure. And when it came time to go to work, he understood that he was involved in the process.

    Julia quit her job and began to work with Jana. And tighten the rotor to the undertaking of ordinary students. And recently the whole city buzzing: “Do Good” sends stray dogs and cats in Malta! As an intermediary in overseas travel Volgograd animals was the same Natalia. Her love for dogs, as it turned out, began in Russia. In 2004 in Moscow, Kozhukhovsky shelter, she saw the dog…

    “Brook was the first person I have found a new home,” recalls Natasha. Now she tries to attach in Malta and other poor fellows from the country. Natasha works as an accountant at the company VistaJet and part of their income spent to pay for the flight Moscow – Malta, which is from 70 to 150 euros per one dog. And the capital for the passage of a four-legged money is collected by volunteers “Do Good”. Many donations come not only from Russia but also from Germany, Britain, Greece. All Pets before a long road necessarily vaccinated, sterilized and kiperousa. By the way, Ron is a pioneer in exile, while she lived at home in Russia, he had some time to esenitsa. And who would have thought that her children are now side by side with my mother on the coast of the Mediterranean sea.

    Бездомные собаки из Волгограда начали новую жизнь на Мальте

    The share of male Ritchie and his sister clepy took many down and out, but Yana did not leave the dogs in trouble. She saw the funny faces on the street, could not pass up. The standard scheme has placed their photo in social networks, and candidates for the role of the owners has not kept itself waiting. Ritchie was attached to the family in Volgograd, and Klepa liked compassionate Maltese.

    Alas, soon Klepa again proved useless. “The dog is always crying!” – said the people, who took the girl. Natasha Haber are not accustomed to retreat and posted on Facebook to find the Klep new home. Responded to as many as four people, but don Burgess was special… Thirty years don began to cry, seeing Klep. She was with the pooch about an hour and didn’t want to let her out of hand, immediately took to himself, on the way we stopped in the shop where I bought a suitcase for dog clothes and toys – new member of the family should be in a fairy tale.

    And at this time in Russia with her brother Richie has thrown out negligent owners. Thrown out and never said anything to anyone.

    “We always ask: if an animal does not suit you, call us, we will not be offended, and will immediately take him! – says Jana. – Ritchie is used to heat the home in February in the cold out on the street. And our volunteers are seeing hundreds dog, accepted him as their pet”.
    Бездомные собаки из Волгограда начали новую жизнь на Мальте

    “The owners are in Russia, try to find them in Malta,” said and did. On the arrival of the brother of clay don Burgess heard from Natasha Haber, and she really wanted to get acquainted with the dog… Neither don nor her young man to take a second dog is not even planned. But only until until I met Richie. “God, how lovely! – exclaimed don. – You need it SIS ke”. The story of the supermarket where the new pet bought many useful things again. By the way, Richie and remained to live in Malta, under his own name, but Klep is now called the Ointment – a language more familiar.


    Another lucky dog who was saved by the organization “Do Good” name is grey. It was found in the town of Kalach-on-don near Volgograd. A family friend Vodolazhskaya Nina called in a panic: “Here is… we Have to save the dog. Urgent!” It was a matter of life and death. He was supposed to be a Labrador. Big, strong… But no one cared, and when Nina saw him, from the dog was only bones covered with tight skin. “We are waiting for him to die. Let sit on the circuit, still poor,” – said the so-called masters, put sick Pets on a leash in the yard.

    They did not have long to persuade to give up the dog. “I will never forget this meeting – says Jan. – Gray was afraid even to touch. It brought us in a box. As the former owner with some sort of smirk said that the dog still kick in – say, here’s to you, girl, nothing to do, and shook his temple”.

    True, when Ian began to attach to gray, exit it, the former owners suddenly wrote… Said: want to return. But Ian, of course, they refused. But the miracle has not kept itself waiting: Natasha Haber reported that gray was ready to take her familiar in Malta. It turned out that Labrador is an exact copy of their deceased Winston. They are very grieved at the loss of her dog. And then, like magic, appeared grey. It was love at first sight.