Задушивший родную мать Егор Сосин не сядет в тюрьму According to preliminary information, the son of the billionaire was declared insane. Egor Sosin underwent a comprehensive psychiatric examination, which showed that the young man at the time of the murder was in a state of psychosis.

      Задушивший родную мать Егор Сосин не сядет в тюрьму

      During the month son of billionaire Igor Sosin Egor was in the 14th ward of the stationary is judicial-psychiatric examination for detainees, which is located in the Republican clinical psychiatric hospital of the city of Ufa. There with a young man who confessed to killing his mother, 44-year-old Anastasia, worked as doctors and specialists. They tried to find out from the psychiatric point of view, what really happened in the fateful December night.

      Anastasia Sosina: the divorce, the sect, the killing. The Investigation Into The “Stargate”

      At the moment 20-year-old Egor was transferred to the detention unit. However, it is doubtful whether the young man is threatened with serious prison term. According to preliminary data forensic, the son of the oligarch was in a state of acute psychosis and was insane during the murder of his mother.

      Now Egor Sosin, most likely, waits for compulsory treatment in a specialized clinic of the closed type, since it was not responsible for my actions at the time of the crime, so jail cannot be placed until full cure. This was reported LifeNews source in law enforcement bodies.

      We will remind, the heir of billionaire Igor Sosin strangled his mother with a cord to charge your phone. A family tragedy occurred in one of the Kazan hotel rooms of the hotel “Korston”. Anastasia came back with his son to participate in the five-day workshop “family constellation in the service of life”. Close friends of the family assume so, most likely, the mother wanted to help Greg get rid of narcotic dependence.

      By the way, Anastasia didn’t tell my friends about this issue. Therefore, they can’t believe what Egor was fond of forbidden drugs for a long time. “At sixteen, dad sent Egor to Stanford; mom and Tasia moved closer to him, in new York. I don’t believe that she’s addicted to something: if you do not know, the orders of the strictest in America, every misdemeanour, even on the purchase of beer or the Smoking of the tobacco experiment, immediately communicated to parents, rasskaze in an interview with reporters, a friend of the late Anastasia Irina. – After school, Egor lived with her mother and sister in an apartment in Moscow. Maybe something happened”.

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