Strange information appeared about Ksenia Sobchak's return to her homeland The mother of the journalist refused to comment.

There are strange reports about the return of Ksenia Sobchak to her homeland It's amazing, but it seems that Ksenia Sobchak was seized by the spirit of adventurism and now she prefers to cross borders on foot at inconspicuous checkpoints.

Strange information about the return of Ksenia Sobchak to her homeland

Almost two weeks ago she was on her two crossed the Belarusian-Lithuanian border, but before that she bought tickets to Dubai through Turkey, which she did not use. jpg” alt=”Strange information appeared about the return of Ksenia Sobchak to her homeland” />

And now, according to some reports, she returned from Lithuania through the Burachki border crossing in the Pskov region.

The most interesting thing is that she was accompanied by Konstantin Bogomolov, who, as it seemed, had been staying in Moscow all this time. Or did he rush to the border, cross it in order to return back with his beloved wife?

Also, there are rumors that she returned a week ago, but Sobchak's relatives and friends carefully concealed this. True, Ksenia herself, accepting congratulations on her birthday the day before, assured that she was “far from her homeland”, and cried that she was in “big trouble”.

The scandalous TV presenter fled to the Baltic states on an Israeli passport, which she had previously denied, and now, according to some reports, she has returned.

And this means that criminal prosecution « The bloody mistress is definitely not in danger. And, to be honest, no one really doubted this.
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