Stotsky was again cancelled because of illness

Стоцкая снова отменила выступления из-за болезни
The singer suffers from migraines.

Anastasia Stotskaya

Photo: Instagram

Friends and fans of Anastasia Stotskaya seriously concerned about her condition. For the second time in the last two weeks, the singer does not appear on the stage musical “Singin’ in the rain” listed in the playbill date. Last time Stotskaya bad cold and for several days lay at home with high temperature. This time the singer explained his absence to the fact that already the third day she suffers from migraines. For that, however, she apologized to her fans.

“Today, “Singing in the rain” again without me, — Anastasia wrote in his personal blog. — I’m home, lie with a terrible migraine!”

Stotsky previously admitted that she is often sick this year, so occasionally there is a musical without her. Fans attribute this to the fact that Anastasia works too hard and leaves himself time for rest. Which, incidentally, may be the real cause of her persistent ailments, because the singer is playing 6-7 nights a week! This is a huge burden. Again the household chores has not been canceled, because Anastasia is growing up 4-year-old son Sasha, who is also mom requires effort and attention.

By the way, health problems pursue Stotsky from the beginning of work on the musical: when “Singing in the rain” only
started, Stotsky had problems of another nature —
professional. In a statement the actress plays a flighty and capricious
silent cinema, whose career suddenly turns out to be under threat:
the era of sound film. And beautiful silent film star
the voice, she totally can’t sing.

“Squeaky voice and terrible accent my character sound
on the screen is ridiculous, said Anastasia Stotskaya. And in this
the special charm and complexity of my role: we need to set a very high voice with
funny accent, and learn to achieve a comic effect, while maintaining
the dignity and luster of the film star. This is a very interesting task!”

Due to the fact that Stotsky was constantly changed its
the voice for the role, straining ligaments, she often went to see the doctor-phoniatry. “It
very hard! I as a professional who works all the time with his voice, can
to say, what to sing, I sang Nastya is a great art. She played
amazing. And, of course, to save your voice, and especially not to lose
voice, it is necessary to regularly see a doctor,” — said Lyubov Kazarnovskaya.

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