Stotsky asks to stop hounding her for the mistake

Стоцкая просит перестать травить ее за ошибку

The artist commented on the decision of the organizers of “Eurovision” to exclude it from the Russian jury.

Yesterday, may 10, a few hours before the start of the first semifinal of “Eurovision” in Stockholm scandal: Anastasia Stotsky, a member of the jury from our country, posted a net broadcast dress rehearsal of semi-final of “Eurovision”. And in her video she filmed not only partially showed the numbers of the contestants, but also gave many of them their assessment. As you know, to do such before the start of the event was absolutely impossible.

After some deliberation, the organizing Committee of “Eurovision” Stotsky expelled from the Russian jury. Read more here.

Today Anastasia on his page on the social network wrote a perfect post about it the incident in which he pleaded guilty and asked the Internet users to stop her to write nasty things and insults…

“Dear viewers! According to official data, the EBU did not recognize held me broadcast a violation of the principle of secrecy of judicial voting. I don’t regret that I was expelled from the jury. Such a decision in this situation was the correct one. I wasn’t supposed to take video and upload to social network actions of the jury, please, forgive me for this rash act, but was made without malice against the representatives of any country,” said Anastasia Stotskaya in the social network.

And then continued: “I beg you to stop writing nasty things, it hurts me, read above: I do illegal and horrible did not. The big request not to write insults under my photos, you will be immediately removed. Yesterday me and counted out enough as it is, stop it to continue. Let’s close this topic and focus your energy on Sergei, we wish him good luck in the final. Thanks to the people adequate and well who supports me, and anyone who tries to destroy me: you make me stronger.”

Anastasia also wanted to win the Sergey Lazarev, which she could disqualify.

“I was very worried that because of me Sergey Lazarev can disqualify. Glad everything worked out. You’re an absolute favorite! I wish you victory! And thank you to Philip Kirkorov for the professionalism, the finest production of the staging,” said Stotsky.

By the way, about the room Sergey Lazarev, with whom he performed at the semi-final of the competition and are through to the final. Statement and the truth became most vivid in the history of the event. It is noted and British journalists.

“In the room used the most sophisticated effects and latest technical developments of those that have ever seen on the music scene. All together with the climbing “mountains” and artist in lying the center of the wall makes an impression. The interaction between Sergei and his four dancers brilliantly. How they are still working with effects, even more incredible! It’s like a sci-Fi film, hard to believe that this three-minute live performance”, – is told in article of the British newspaper Metro. Read more here.

Sergey Lazarev is also pleased with his performance. And already posted in the social network video message to fans in which he thanked them for their support and congratulations on victory in the semifinals.

The next performance of Sergey Lazarev in the final, will take place may 14.

We’ll be waiting!

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