«Хватит врать»: Мишулина назвала Еремеева «лицемерным ребенком» и уличила в обмане
Relatives continued to sort out relations.

Timur Eremeev

Photo: Instagram

To the chagrin of viewers, who had to be happy for “reunion” Karina of Mishulin and Timur Eremeeva: the thaw in relations was a pair and now they once again found themselves on different sides of the barricades. Ahead of the relatives waiting for lawsuits and, apparently, new difficulties in understanding.

Before Karina broke out in his microblog posts about Timur, which is unlikely to reconcile with her brother. “It’s disappointing in a man who could become friends, who burst into my life through the door, and like a snowball and then I was overcome with emotion,but I’m a living person… And nobody has the right to judge me,because it was not in my place! But I found the strength to survive and to remove the negativity! I don’t believe in the call of the blood and believe that people can become friends only by knowing each other or growing up together.

Timur wants honesty? So maybe start with yourself? I have always been honest,even in his indignation. I such as is. If you love something strong,if angry,then do not hide it! Timur, in the broadcast portrayed a desire for peace and communication. But behind the scenes was indifferent and communication he didn’t need. It is his right. However, I took the suit! Yeah, not convinced the mother, but it’s her life and her right! Timur was not in court, however, he poured out a stream of unfounded accusations at me and provoked negative people! Mom’s sick and instead I brought yesterday documents! And Yes, I love my mom and will be touched by her! Do not distort the facts! I ended the war! But it is probably not necessary. Hate me? For God’s Sake! But stop lying! And people want to say: stop believing everything you hear on TV, enough to come angrily to those whom you don’t know! And fear God — do not insult my children and my mother! Want to help Timur, teach to be a man,not a bitter hypocrite baby! (Spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx.ed)”