Stop it now! Fight Dzhigurda and guards of the lawyer Gorina

Остановите это немедленно! Драка Джигурды и охранников адвоката Жорина

The actor and the showman wanted to bring the representative of the wife to clean water, but he was in the snow.

Behind the antics of Nikita Dzhigurda country follows. He dances in a kilt on the red square, posting videos from the birth of his wife, announces name change to Jonathan El-air Bratash-JI pogorzhelskiy background Gan Eden (read more HERE).

Olympic champion Marina Anisina all this time almost the only person that sees the flamboyant entertainer seriously. But her iron patience, it seems, came to an end. About a week ago, the athlete announced that he was going to divorce Dzhigurda.

The first hearing of the divorce case took place on November 2 in the world court plot number 100 of the Krasnogorsk district. But also here has not done without scandal. Right outside the showman tried to arrange a fight involving the wife of a lawyer, Sergei Zhorin.

However, “a lawyer for clean water,” as planned at least, judging by the posts on Twitter, he failed. Expecting that there will be provocations on the part of the artist, Zhorin arrived at court with bodyguards. Some sharp phrases and movements in the direction of counsel, and the chair has already been found in the snow. However, even this did not dampen the turbulent temper of the artist.

Fight Jonathan El-air Bratacha with bodyguards lasted a few minutes. All this time the guards shoved him from Gorina, was laid on the ground and even dragged by the hair. And all this in front of journalists.

Now the video taken away by Internet users on the network. And I think this is one of those rare occasions when star fans don’t want to get on someone’s side.

“Stop this immediately!” – write the users of social networks and require Dzhigurda and Anisina stop wash dirty linen in public.

We will remind, it already the second attempt to divorce Anisina those Morrice. For the first time an athlete has tried to terminate the relationship with the artist a year ago. The main reason, as recognized by Marina, was the illness of the wife, which he refuses in spite of promises to treat.

Dzhigurda and Anisina married 8 years. They have two children – 7-year-old son Mick-angel-Krist and 6-year-old daughter Eva-Vlad.