Стоун рассказала, как «умерла и увидела свет»

15 years later the actress finally spoke about the hardest period in my life.

She is a star of the screen, the dream of millions of men and the owner of incredibly long legs. At first glance, Sharon stone has everything you can only dream of… But fans know that in her seemingly cloudless life had tough moments. In 2001, the actress almost parted with life.

In that year, Sharon began to torment terrible headaches. My head ached so that stone could a night not to sleep. Intracranial bleeding was diagnosed with at the last moment and in a hurry to have surgery. Was almost late.

“I saw a huge vortex of white light – boom! I went to this amazing bright light. I began to see very special people, who at that time was already dead. It was like a journey beyond the world familiar to me. But it all happened very quickly. Once – and all! Suddenly I was in his body. The incident affected me, I will never be what was before,” said the star in an interview with Closer Weekly.

But then the life of a star “the Basic instinct” was a little like a fairy tale. Sharon had to learn to walk again, to speak. And most importantly, the actress look on life.

“Death is actually a gift. When it overtakes you, happen to you beautiful things. I had an incredible sense of well-being and happiness,” concluded the actress.