Стинг продает нью-йоркскую квартиру за $56 млн

Stars began to dispose of their property in new York. Earlier we told you about demi Moore that by selling an apartment in one of the most elite areas of the city lost several million dollars. Now the new owner for his penthouse looking for singer sting.

As reported by the WallStreetJournal, the performer of the soundtrack to the film “Leon killer” asks for a one-bedroom apartment $ 56 million.

It is known that the penthouse, which has an area of about 500 square meters, located on the 16 & 17 floors in the building right near Central Park. The investment in this property sting and his wife Trudy did in 2008. However, then they gave her “only” $ 27 million. While the couple spent a lot on repairs: installed in the flat spiral staircases and even a fireplace. As they say the couple, they managed to create “a unique home for the family”.