Стинг записывает первый за 13 лет рок-альбом

British singer sting prepares a real gift to his fans. The Executive has announced that it is now preparing to release their new album, their sound will appeal to many. The fact that the 12th Studio album of the singer promises to be “the most fateful of his career”, the album sting promises to unfold a little differently.

Apparently, a small break in his career he went to the musician’s favor. The Manager of singer Martin kirschenbaum admits that his client haven’t been annealed. The songs are written very easily, and sometimes missing one or two takes to record.

By the way, the name of the album is the 57th & 9th”. The fact is that sting on the way to the recording Studio each day passes the intersection of 57th and 9th streets in new York, and in honor of this intersection, the singer and decided to call their new album.

Recall, the latest album from sting — The Last Ship – was released in September 2013.


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