«И все-таки беременна!» В Сети появилось видео Сати Казановой в «положении»
The singer was not able to hide rounded tummy.

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No matter how much I tried Sati Kazanova to hide her pregnancy, she could not escape from prying human eyes. For his speech on the channel MUZ-TV, the singer chose a free and sparkly dress with high waist, but skinny front on the stage “showed all that is hidden” and it became clear: the star is at least the fourth month of pregnancy.

Sati has always been a very slim girl, and when I got into yoga and a healthy diet turned into a “plank”. This explains why in the early stages of the abdomen, the singer was not at all. Only now, when behind almost half of the time, tummy Casanova became rounded. This explains the fact that the last time the star opts for secular outputs loose dress with drape and baggy things like a poncho or bulky sweaters.

All weekend Casanova tries to hold in the fresh air. So, last week, had barely been three days, she and her husband, Italian photographer Stefano Tiozzo, went to the Ivanovo region. There the couple was vacationing in a luxury vacation house, enjoyed nature and “breathed” oxygen.

Photo: Instagram

After the wedding, which took place in autumn last year, Stefano was often left to his native Italy or to travel to work, but now all the time trying to be around his pregnant wife.

Despite the obvious facts, Casanova goes on to say that actually not going in the very near future to become a mother. Yes, she wants a baby, and not a single, but not now. But fans know that Sati is extremely doesn’t like to share ahead of time information about individual. On your wedding day, the girl announced to the public, when it was the wife! Moreover, even close friends Sati, going to the celebration, did not know until recently that will be present at the celebration of her nuptials. Thought that Satie only celebrates its 35th anniversary. So it is possible that at this time, Casanova admits that becoming a mom only when it will not be able to hide the pregnancy, or when her first child was born.