Still not out: grandma Di Caprio wasn’t born in Russia

Таки не наш: бабушка Ди Каприо родилась не в России

Perm about it journalists were reported in the archives of the German city of or Erkenschwick, where she lived Helen Indenbirken.

Sorry to admit it, but, apparently, the grandmother of Leonardo DiCaprio still was born in Perm. The myth debunked the edition “news of Perm”, which appealed to the archive of the German city of or Erkenschwick. Here, as explained in the note, Helen lived Indenbirken – she’s Elena Smirnova, beloved grandmother of the Hollywood actor. As a rule, mentioning about her, they all say that the woman hails from Perm. But according to the archive staff, Helen was born in Perm, moreover, not on the territory of modern Russia. That is, leaves, Leo has no Russian roots? What a shock!

Confusion with the place of birth explained simply: Elena Smirnova came to light shortly before the October revolution, the parents took her to Germany when she was a little girl. Later she married Wilhelm Indenbirken, and then went to the USA.

Meanwhile, DiCaprio last time you thought about Russia, when he finally gave the Yakut “Oscar”. For the sake of this figurine with its decorations broke up the 150 beautiful their jewelry was melted down to make a figurine weighing about 1.5 kilograms.

“Thanks to inhabitants of Yakutia for this wonderful gift, wrote Leo, published a photo of the award. Especially women who sacrificed to create figurines of your jewels. As it is written in your letter, Yakutia is the coldest place not only in Russia but throughout the world. And your region is also vulnerable because of climate changes on the planet. Rising global temperatures threatens not only nature but also people, their way of life.”

That’s all. Businesslike and dry. And no fear, no longing for the historical Homeland…

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