Steven Tyler has denied the rumors about heart attacks

Стивен Тайлер опроверг слухи об инфаркте

Last month, the band Aerosmith ended their tour of South America, the cause of which was the “medical emergency” soloist Steven Tyler. Doctors advised him not to continue to travel and take care of their health. But in spite of the suggestions of fans, the group issued a statement which denied the rumors about the state of Tyler.

Стивен Тайлер опроверг слухи об инфаркте

“The fact that I had to leave the tour early, just breaks my heart,” says Tyler. “The band plays like it or better when. Just look at those 100,000 people at Rock in Rio.”

“I give you 5+ for your resourceful speculation,” continues Stephen, “but I didn’t have a heart attack or stroke. Sorry for the fact that I had to shorten the tour, but I had to do a medical procedure that can be performed by only my doctor in the States.”

“We visited tel Aviv, Russia, Rio, and all that is between them,” writes Tyler in his statement. “I think that it’s true what they say “life is shit when you’re in pain.”

Though the statement did not give specific explanations about the nature of the disease and the status of the artist, but Stephen is already 69 years old. Some news previously reported that the singer wants to fully recover in a medical facility, with complete rest and special treatment. After treatment, the singer is going back to conquer the concert halls and the world with legendary hits.

Стивен Тайлер опроверг слухи об инфаркте

In previous news, the artist also added a comment about his condition. “I’m not in life threatening condition, but I still need special treatment and restore health, rest and special medicines to improve and enhance in the coming performances. I promise I’ll be back… unfortunately, health is not waiting and that’s why I can’t continue the show. As they say, “We humans make plans and God laughs…”

Said about the end of the tour, the rock singer with his Twitter account, where he apologized to countries that the group was going to visit within the tour. “Everyone in South America… Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Mexico… I’m really sorry and feel like I failed you… I will not be able to continue the last show on the tour. I returned back to the United States by the doctor last, noctu after the show in Sao Paulo.”

After this message, the network appeared a lot of speculation of fans about the fact that the artist has heart problems. some said that the star suffered a heart attack, then I will continue to play.

Recall that last summer, during the performance, guitarist Joe Perry fell on stage. The band performed in new York with the Hollywood Vampires, which included actor johnny Depp.