Steven Tyler became a grandfather for the fourth time

Стивен Тайлер стал дедом уже в четвертый раз
The old rocker is delighted by the completion of the family.

Стивен Тайлер стал дедом уже в четвертый раз

Steven Tyler


Стивен Тайлер стал дедом уже в четвертый раз

Steven Tyler and MIA Tyler


69-year-old rocker Steven Tyler, frontman of Aerosmith, has every reason to be proud of their daughters thanks to their efforts he had already
fourth grandchild. His mother was the 28-year-old MIA, model, and younger sister much
more famous daughter of musician — Liv Tyler. This was reported by the website

MIA and her husband Dan of steel Hailin
happy parents for the first time. Boy who gave birth to MIA, called
The Exton. “My family is finally replenished. I just have no words
to Express how happy I am!” — wrote to the young mother. Posted
a photo of his grandfather Stephen with the baby in her arms. “This is the happiest day in my
life…” — signed it under the.

As for the sisters, MIA — Liv, senior
daughter Tyler, gave birth to her youngest child last summer. Born a girl, her father is
was boyfriend of actress — David Gardner
called Lula. Among other things, the godfather
the father of the newborn was not just anybody, but David Beckham, a friend of Gardner. The baby was the second child of David and Liv:
a year and a half before the birth of a daughter,they
had a son, Sailor. And grandson of Steven Tyler Liv had a baby with her
ex-husband Royston Langdon, whom she divorced in 2008-m to year after a five-year
marriage. “The fact that I became a mother, was the event more exciting and
beautiful than I could have imagined in the wildest of my fantasies. What
I have had children, completely changed my attitude to life and helped me
to better understand my own parents!” said the owl Liv.

Recall that Liv a long time
suspected that she is a daughter of Stephen.
Her mother, who broke up with Tyler since before the birth of her daughter, told her that
her father – another musician, Todd Rundgren, who later became her stepfather.
The truth about who really is her parent, she learned only when
she was already 9 years…

Steven Tyler with his grandson