Стивен Содерберг вернулся с пенсии ради «Счастливчика Логана»

Steven Soderbergh, Creator of “Eleven friends of Oushena”, “Side effect” and “magic Mike, three years ago announced that he has decided to retire the movie and to retire. It should be noted at the time of this statement the Soderbergh was only 50 years.

The brief was Steven. Apparently, without a movie he cannot imagine his life, is working on a new project.

This project for filmmaker became a Comedy called “Lucky Logan”.

Traditionally, in the Stephen first drew Hollywood stars, including Daniel Craig, Katherine Heigl, Hilary swank, Channing Tatum and others.

The role of the second plan stated Riley Kio (“Mad Max: fury Road”), Seth MacFarlane (“Tooth fairy”) and Adam Driver (“Star wars: the force Awakening”).

At the moment about the future of the film we know very little.

Presumably the plot of the Comedy revolves around two brothers who plan a robbery in the middle of a race National Association for stock car racing (NASCAR).

Shooting the Comedy will last only 35 days. Premiere of “Lucky Logan” is scheduled for October 13, 2017.


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