Steven Seagal has received a Russian passport

Стивен Сигал получил российский паспорт
The actor admitted that he fulfilled his old dream.

Steven Seagal


On the eve of Steven Seagal solemnly handed the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. For an actor, this event has become one of the most important in his life, because in his own words, he is very long dreamed about it. Your love for Russia Stephen explains not only the presence of his Russian roots (his grandmother was born in Vladivostok), but love everything to do with which became his home country.

The last few years, Stephen had one that traveled almost the length and breadth. He happily took for the younger generation master classes in Aikido and at the same time attached to his native culture.

“My father is full — blooded Russian, his entire family from Vladivostok. I love Russia, I love to come here!” — said Stephen. He also added that it is very proud that he has got many friends and relatives living in the far East.

About his future plans the actor says while vague. It is known that Seagal is ready to appear in Russian cinema, if he gets an interesting offer. In addition, he admitted that plans to invest in the IT-company in Russia.